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Walt Disney World Swan

The Walt Disney World Swan is one of the first hotels to go up, after the two originals (the Contemporary and Polynesian).  But the Walt Disney World Swan, along with the Dolphin, remain unique.


Because they are located on Disney World property, but are not owned or managed by Disney!

Why Stay at the Walt Disney World Swan

The Disney Swan guests have the same benefits as the official Disney resort guests -- they share in the complimentary transportation, extra magic hours and advance golf tee-times.

Walt Disney World Swan ResortThe Swan is quite amazing -- the hotel is its own little world of restaurants, pools, health clubs and tennis.  None of the other Disney World resorts can boast of so many different restaurants and lounges -- at last count there were 17!

While most of the Disney World resorts are low-rise (no more than 4 floors), the Swan towers over the others, growing up not out. 

The hotel is also immediately identifiable because of the (huge) Swan perched on top of the roof.  

The Disney Swan also tends to be less expensive than the other Disney resorts in the immediate vicinity...sometimes a hundred or more less per night, depending on the time of year!

Where is the Disney Swan Hotel Located?

The Disney Swan hotel is located between Disney's EPCOT Center and Disney MGM Studio.  You can easily walk to EPCOT, but I wouldn't suggest walking to MGM -- it's by far a longer walk.  (Take the free water taxi instead.)

Photo Insdie the DIsney Swan ResortThe Disney resorts near the Swan include the Yacht Club and the Boardwalk Villas; both are an easy walk away.

One thing that is nice about the Walt Disney World Swan is that if you are on an upper floor facing EPCOT, you will see an amazing fireworks display every night.  While you can also see if from the ground outside, it's much more spectacular from an upper story.


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The Swan Hotel: Disney Without the Disney Price

With the Swan hotel, Disney did something a little different, that remains to this day.

The hotel was contracted out; not owned and operated by Disney.

The Swan and Dolphin were the first of the other hotels to arrive; perhaps Disney wasn't sure how many people wanted to stay on the grounds?

Nevertheless, the Disney Swan hotel remains an excellent value!


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