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Walt Disney World Savings Tips

Walt Disney World savings tips are something that most people need.  Disney isn't exactly known for being friendly to the wallet, but there are ways of saving money.  Some of these ideas are common sense (but that not everyone thinks of) and some are more like insider tips.

Find out how to stretch your vacation dollars with Walt Disney World savings tips.

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Stay in a Disney World Resort

This sounds like it shouldn't save you money, but can and here's why.

When you stay at a Walt Disney World resort, you can take advantage of three things:

  • Disney's Magical Express service
  • Walt Disney World transportation system
  • Disney World meal plans.

The Magical Express service is for if you fly into the Orlando International airport.  Disney picks you up, takes care of claiming your bags and whisks you to your resort.  On the return flight, you can do your check in from the Disney World resort itself.

Walt Disney World's complimentary transportation system is truly a blessing.  The Disney roads are like a maze, and you don't want to be driving around on them.  Sit back and let someone else do the driving!  Depending on where you are and where you're going, the transportation could be bus, water taxi or monorail.

Disney World meal plans are designed to cut the cost of your eating, and you can only get one if you are a resort guest.  DIsney food is not cheap, so any help in this area is really good.

Disney World Vacation Package Deals

This is one of the best of the Walt Disney World savings tips -- book your vacation as a package deal.

Disney World is always running some kind of promotion, usually for a week's stay in one of their resorts.  These are good deals for a couple of ways.  First, the tickets are much cheaper when you buy them for 3 days or more. The more days you buy, the bigger the discounts get.

Next, if you look around you can sometimes get the Disney meal plan thrown in for an extra, at a substantially discounted price.  Very much worth checking out -- I've seen some great deals while browsing online.

Tips That Are Often Overlooked

Most of these Walt Disney World money saving tips are often overlooked, but can certainly effect the money you spend.

  • Bring your own water.  The bottles of water are expensive in the parks, so buy some bottles, freeze them and then take them with you.  By the time you want them, they will still be cold.

  • Bring your own snacks.  Same idea -- bring some snacks that don't crush easily and don't melt.

  • Buy tickets for multiple days.  Unless you can only be at Disney World for one or two days and won't ever be coming back...buy tickets for three or more days at once.  The more days you buy, the cheaper they get.  Get the no expiration option and you can use the tickets the next time you return -- even if it's five years from now.

More Walt Disney World Savings Tips

I found this ebook The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide in March 2006, right before my trip to Disney.  I thought maybe it would give me some other ideas on how to save money.  And since there was a refund policy, I figured that I couldn't lose.

Disney World Ultimate Vacation GuideWas I ever happy that I bought it!

Beth Howard is the author, and (like me) is a former Disney employee.  She's also a Disney aficionado, who travels with her family to Disney every year.  She found ways to save money at Disney that I never, ever would have thought of.  And I was able to put her tips to use on my trip a couple weeks later.

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is an ebook, something like 90 pages.  Being an ebook means that you can download it instantly -- very handy.  She also has a policy that once you buy the savings guide, she will let you have an updated guide free each year -- now that's a deal!

Check out Beth's site and decide if The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is right for you.  It has plenty of Walt Disney World savings tips!

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