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Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Walt Disney World resort hotels can be a real bargain for your Disney vacation. The Disney resorts come in all themes and price ranges. From budget stays to top of the line luxury, there is a Disney resort hotel that is right for you!

But there are so many? Which one to choose, and what makes a Walt Disney World resort hotel better than one that is off the Disney grounds?

The biggest advantage to staying in a Disney resort is location is the Disney Magical Express service, if your are flying in. You get to bypass picking up your bags -- you go straight to the hotel and your bags are delivered to your room. For your return flight you can do your boarding pass and check in before you even leave the hotel. Now that is convenience!

Another advantage is the super-easy transportation between all the theme parks, as well as all the other Disney resort hotels. No parking or traffic worries!  I want to emphasize this -- the inter-park transportation was a life saver when I recently stayed in a Disney resort! The Disney road system is a maze (putting it mildly) and it doesn't take long to get lost.

Port Orleans, Riverside
Port Orleans, Riverside, Walt Disney World

Buses and water taxies run roughly every 20 minutes, starting about 45 minutes before the parks open and then to about an hour after the parks close. I don't think I ever had to wait longer than 5 or so minutes for a bus (although I may have gotten lucky).  And then there's the monorail for some of the resorts!

Let's take a closer look at the Walt Disney World resort hotels. 

Types of Disney World Resorts

The first thing you should know is there are five kinds of Walt Disney World resort hotels:

  • Value: For the budget-conscious, or for anyone who wants to have more money to play with in the theme parks. The Disney All-Star resorts fit into the Value price range.

  • Moderate: A little more upscale and more of an atmosphere. Examples of Moderate Disney resorts include the Coronado and Caribbean Beach.

  • Deluxe: Several of t hese resorts are located near the monorail for super-fast transportation to the theme parks. They are also the Disney resorts with the most amenities. Examples of luxury resorts include the Polynesian, Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Yacht Club.

  • Disney Vacation Clubs: Generally near Deluxe in price and with many of the same amenities of the Deluxe resorts, including concierge service.

  • Fort Wilderness Cabins and Camping: If you'd just as soon get back to nature, check out Fort Wilderness. Campers, you can't beat its location!

  • Walt Disney World Swan and Walt Disney World Dolphin are unique hotels that don't fit into any of the above categories. Oh, and don't forget hotels near Downtown Disney (a whole 'nother world in itself)!

Value Resort Hotels

The Disney Value resort hotels are great for you if you'll be playing in the theme parks most of the time. If you think a hotel room is just for sleeping, or if you want to save your money to spend in the theme parks, a Disney Value resort may be just what you are looking for.

The Disney Value resorts are :

Naturally, a themed pool is present at the Disney Value resorts. There are no restaurants on the properties, but room service (in the form of pizza delivery) is available, as well as a food court. (You can, however, go to one of the other resorts that does have a restaurant when it's time to eat.)  I have to admit that I've never stayed at one of the Disney Value resorts, so I can't offer first-hand experience.

Check out more detailed information about the Disney Value resorts.

Moderate Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Walt Disney World Moderate resort hotels have more of an ambiance. They are usually a little newer and do have a restaurant on the property. The Disney Moderate resort hotels are themed like the Value resorts, but the themes tend to be based on locations.

The Moderate Disney World resort hotels are:

Of course the themed pool and waterslides are included. The Moderate Disney resort hotels tend to be more "spiffy" than the Value resorts.  I've stayed at a Disney Moderate resort (Port Orleans) and liked it just fine, except for all the walking (it was really spread out).

Check out more detailed information about the Disney Moderate resorts.

Deluxe Disney Resorts

Now we're getting into amenities, as well as location, when we talk about the Deluxe Disney resort hotels! The Deluxe resorts include:

You will find multiple restaurants, pools, spas, valet parking, concierge service and (of course) pools.  I got lucky enough to stay in a deluxe Disney resort recently (Yacht Club) for a big discount and there really is no comparison.  If you have the cash, or if you can snag a really good discount, stay at one of the Deluxe resorts - you won't regret it.

Check out more detailed information about the Disney Deluxe resorts.

Disney Vacation Club Villas

These Disney Vacation Club complexes are villas, not just regular rooms. You can rent anything from a studio to a three-bedroom unit. Here are the Disney Vacation Club resort hotels :

Check out more detailed information about the Disney Vacation Club resorts and villas.  I hear from the promotions that it can end up costing less than staying in a Disney World resort, if you plan to visit Disney every year.  Not sure about that, but if you do visit Disney World regularly, it's something you probably want to look into.

Fort Wilderness Cabins and Campgrounds

Great for people who either prefer to be in a more natural surrounding, or for anyone planning a Florida camping vacation :

There is a dinner and show option in Fort Wilderness, and babysitting service is also available.

The Wilderness Cabins are quite nice (and very nicely appointed, I might add). Definitely in the "Deluxe" category.

Check out more detailed information about the Disney Ft. Wilderness Campground.

Have a great vacation at your Walt Disney World resort hotel!

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