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Walt Disney World Florida Resident Tickets

Walt Disney World Florida resident tickets tickets and passes are available.  If you're a Florida resident, you'd like the best Disney World ticket price, right? You're in luck, because Disney World thinks so, too, and gives us residents an extra discount as a "thank you".

The Walt Disney World Florida resident tickets come with different options. You you just want to visit one park for one day? Disney has something for you.

What if you are a true Walt Disney World aficionado and you want to keep going back during the year -- yep, there is a Florida resident pass for you too!

Let's find out all your options for Walt Disney World Florida resident tickets. First we'll take a look at the kinds of Disney ticket options. Then we'll discuss the special Florida resident tickets and passes.

(Before you start, you might want to check out the cheapest Disney tickets page for additional ideas.)

Best Disney World Ticket Price -- Magic Your Way

The best Disney World ticket price for Florida residents is the basic ticket, called "Magic Your Way".  This allows one theme park per day. If you want to spend the whole day at just one of the theme parks, this is a great ticket for you.

You can add options to your Magic Your Way Disney ticket, and they are:Snow White and Disney Resident Tickets

  • Park Hopper
  • Waterparks
  • No Expiration Date
  • Seasonal Passes
  • Special Programs

Walt Disney World Park Hopper Tickets

The Disney park hopper option is a great deal, especially if you can spend more than one day at Walt Disney World. Basically, the Walt Disney World park hopper tickets allow you to go back and forth between the four main theme parks in a single day. An example is going to Animal Kingdom for the day and then over to the Magic Kingdom for the nighttime parade and fireworks.

(Click for additional information on Disney park hopper tickets.)

Disney Waterparks

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are Disney's waterparks. And as you might expect, they are done up right, Disney style! Sure, you can go to one of the other Orlando waterparks, but why not do Walt Disney World's instead?  After all, you can get Walt Disney World Florida resident tickets!

Walt Disney World No Expiration Tickets

Here's something cool that I personally want to take advantage of -- the no expiration option for a Walt Disney World Florida resident ticket. Say you want to visit Disney World three times, but you aren't sure exactly when. You can always buy a separate ticket for each trip, but why not skip the hassle of buying those tickets each time? Florida Resident Tickets, Polynesian Resort

With the Walt Disney World no expiration option you can make your three trips at your leisure -- or when the spirit takes you. You see, the basic Magic Your Way ticket expires 14 days after your initial visit. The no expiration option is just that -- buy tickets now, use them at any time in the future!

(And there are no-expiration options for more than three days, too.)

Seasonal and Yearly Passes

Walt Disney World Florida resident seasonal passes are just that -- good for around three months from the time of first use. They are a little less expensive than the no expiration Walt Disney World tickets, so it's something you might want to take advantage of if you plan to go multiple times over a three month span.

There are also yearly passes that you can take advantage of. They, too, are similar to the Walt Disney World tickets with the no expiration option, only they are good for up to a year after the first use - not indefinitely.  However, the yearly passes do not have blackout dates.

Here's even more information on the special Florida resident Disney park tickets and when they are right for you!


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A word of warning -- if you are a Florida resident and have friends or family who live outside of Florida, you **cannot** buy them a Florida Resident ticket! 

Walt Disney World Florida resident tickets must be picked up in person at the Disney gate or at a Disney resort and they will check the ID of every adult.


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