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Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

What is the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, anyway? And can it really help you save hundreds of dollars on a Walt Disney World vacation?

The answer to the second question is a definite "yes!"

Now here's your answer to question number 1 -- what is the Ultimate Disney Guide?

It'a All About Saving Money

This ebook, the Ultimate Disney Savings Guide is about some simple ways to avoid paying high prices for your great Disney vacation.

It's about learning little secrets that you might otherwise not know - or think - about.

That's all well and good, but the $64,000 question is this -- do those tips actually work?

Yes, they do. Because I've bought and read the ebook myself and followed just a few of the tips. And I saved more than the price of the ebook on just a single day's trip to Disney World. Pretty cool, huh?

Actually, I saved more than the full (non-sale) price of the ebook; Beth has sales from time to time, so if you see the ebook for less than $20 -- get it!

Who Wrote the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide?

It's written by Beth Howarth, who (like me) is a former Disney employee, as well as a very frequent vacationer at Disney World.  She and her family travel to Disney every year and she's learned how to squeeze the absolute most out of their time and money, so they can relax and enjoy their vacation.

The ebook is 90+ pages and has ideas that I (also a former Disney employee) had never thought of! And yes, I have put them into practice and have saved money.

So take a look at The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.  Read what Beth has to say, and watch the video. Then make your own decision

If you love Disney, you won't regret purchasing it because it will save you a lot of cash on your next Walt Disney World vacation.


The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide


Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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Florida Residents Tip

If you plan to stay at one of the Disney World resorts, here's something to consider -- get up early and drive to Disney, to arrive around 9:30 to 10:00 AM.  You can go directly to the hotel and do an early check in! 

If they don't have a room immediately available, they will hold your bags for you, while you go off and play in the parks.  Then you can stop back by the resort around 2:00, collect your bags, go off to your room and take a short rest before you go back to the parks.

And don't forget about the special Disney World Florida residents rates!





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