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Disney Shopping

What's Disney World without shopping?  Sure it's fun, but shopping makes it more fun -- searching down and buying those treasures!

Whether you haven't made it to Disney yet, you forgot to pick something up, or are just looking for some Disney ideas, here are some fun and unusual options to make the magic last!

Shop on!

The Disney Princess Collection

For the princess in every girl, no matter what her age, there are some wonderful gifts and goodies, in all kinds of price ranges.  How about:

Buy Disney Pins for Trading

Disney lanyard pins are so much fun to trade! 

But before you can trade them, you have to have some Disney pins.  Find out how to start a collection, or add to the one you already have!  Buy Disney Pins here.

Disney Jewelry and Swarovski

Disney has a most wonderful collection of jewelry, including some made by Swarovski.  Imagine a necklace or bracelet fit for a princess (or the princess in you)!  Click for what's available in Disney jewelry.

But you can also buy Disney Swarovski collectibles.  Crystal statuettes of Pooh, Goofy, Mickey and more, made impeccably by the legendary Swarovski company of Austria.  Search the Disney Swarovski collection here.

Enjoy your newfound Disney shopping treasures!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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