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Florida resident Disney park tickets are very defiinitely cheaper than what non-residents can buy. Not only the regular tickets, but the passes and all the options, too! 

Disney has a special relationship with us Florida residents, and gives us special deals, as you probably saw on the Disney World Florida resident tickets page. On this page, we'll talk about what those tickets really are, and when they are truly a bargain.

For example, do you live near Orlando and go to Disney every chance you get? Or perhaps you just want to visit the theme parks during a specific season (like when it's cooler).

Do you live hours away but would still like to visit every so often? Well, there are Florida resident Disney park tickets for all these situations!

Special Florida Resident Disney Park Tickets and Prices

Florida Resident Disney Park TicketsHere's where living in Florida pays off. Take a peek at some of the special Disney Florida ticket options:

  • One-day Ticket with Discount: A one-day pass to any of the four Disney theme parks. At the time I looked at this, non-residents paid $83 per day, while Florida residents paid $73.80. (A little more than a 10% discount.) This is the most expensive (per day) of the Florida reisdent Disney park tickets.

  • One-day Ticket With Park Hopper: The same one-day pass with a 10% discount, but with park hopper privileges (roughly an extra $20). I don't recommend the park hopper option with a 1-day pass, as it's a very expensive add-on. (And besides, you can't really see a single park in a day anyway, much less two.) However, the more days you buy at a time, the lower the park hopper option costs per day -- as low as $3 extra per day on a 7-day ticket.

  • Weekday Pass: These Florida resident Disney park tickets are a good for Monday through Friday for a whole year, to any of the four theme parks. You will also receive special discounts for resort stays, and some "behind the scenes" information for special events. Park Hopper options are included, and the tickets are good for daily operating hours (and not anything like the holiday events that need a separate ticket to attend).

  • Multi-Day Pass: Florida residents win again with multi-day passes (five to seven days). You can add waterpark, park hopper and no expiration options. Now here's the secret -- the more days you buy, the cheaper it is per day! And the savings can get outrageous. For example, a five-day pass averages $42/day, while a 7 day pass lowers your admission to $33 a day.

  • Seasonal Pass: You can go as many times as your wish in a three month period with these Florida resident Disney park tickets, but there are blackout dates. On the other hand, park hopper privileges are included with the tickets! Here's the catch; don't expect to be able to use your seasonal pass the weeks before and after Easter, June through most of August, nor the week between Christmas an New Year. Currently the seasonal passes are $259.

  • Yearly Pass: Florida resident yearly passes are an exceptional deal -- come and go as you please for up to one year from the time you first use it - no restrictions as to how often you use it. Go once or go 365 days, and it's still the same price. (Good only for the four theme parks -- it doesn't include the waterparks.) The yearly pass also includes parking fees, a newsletter and special events privileges, to name three. The current rate is $379 for an annual pass.

  • Premium Yearly Pass: The creme de la creme of the Florida resident Disney park tickets. You get everything from the yearly pass, plus the following -- park hopper, waterparks and Pleasure Island admission. If you love Disney and you are a Florida resident, this is really and truly a bargain! The cost for the Florida resident premium annual pass is $499.

Florida Resident? Try Staying at Disney!

IIf you're more than a couple of hours away from Walt Disney World, driving home after a long day of fun can be exhausting. Have you considered staying at Disney, in one of the resorts?

Yep, Disney even has deals for us to stay and play at the theme parks! And the saving can be pretty nice, too. I was just wandering the official Disney World website and saw offerings as low as $74 a night for a Disney Value resort! The Moderate and Villas weren't left out either, at $114 and $184 a night, respecitively.

Now mind you, these are at selected resorts, during the off-season. Other Florida resident discount were available, but when I checked with the official Walt Disney World reservations line, I was told to call 3 to 4 months in advance to get a "regular" Florida resident rate.

However, if you can reserve well in advance, the discounts you can get are very much be worth it! Just remember to book well in advance, and to not expect to get much of a discount (if any) during the high season.

Enjoy your Florida resident Disney park tickets and resort stay!

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Bring Your ID

Yes, if you plan to get the Florida resident rates, every adult in your party must have an official ID that marks them as a Florida resident.

Disney World does check before they issue you the tickets!

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