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Walt Disney World Phone Numbers

Walt Disney World phone numbers can sometimes be difficult to track down, so this page has a list of the most importants ones for you. 

Yes, you can call Walt Disney World for all kinds of things, from making dining reservations, to checking on resort stays, to buying tickets and more!

Some reservations you cannot make without calling - period.  Others you may be able to make online, or by calling.

Here they are, the Walt Disney World phone numbers!

Disney Dining Reservations

Here's one you absolutely need, because you can't make these reservations online anywhere.  The reason?  It would take too long to make your request, checking to see if there were reservations available for the restaurant you'd like, and offering various times and options.

You can make Disney dining reservations up to six months in advance, and if you can, try for that six months!  You would not believe how fast some of the more popular restaurants can fill up.  Last time I tried, I called 3 months in advance and pretty much every restaurant on my list was already full.  (Yes, I finally did get reservations, but for places I wasn't expecting.)

For Disney dining reservations, the number is 407-WDW-DINE.  For those of you who prefer numbers, it's 407-393-3463.

Want more information before calling?  Check out the page for Disney Dining.

Disney World Tickets

If you'd like the Walt DIsney World phone number for these park tickets, call 407-WDW-MAGIC (407-939-6244).

But before you call, check out the various kinds of tickets -- Park Hopper, Florida Resident, and the Magic Your Way.  This gives you plenty of information before you call.

Walt Disney World Resort Phone Numbers

Want to make a resort reservation by phone?  There are times when you might have questions as to what is available for the time you want to stay at a Disney World resort.

The Walt Disney World number for all resort reservations is 407-WDW-MAGIC (407-939-6244).

Need the numbers for the front desk at the various resorts?  Here they are!  Just remember that if you want to make a reservation, you need to call the 407-WDW-MAGIC number.

Disney Phone Numbers for Conventions/Meetings

If you want to book a meeting at any one of the Disney World resorts that have meeting and banquest facilities, the Walt Disney World phone number is (407) 566-7626.  You can also check out www.disneymeetings.com for more information before calling.

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