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Disney World Vacation Homes

Disney World vacation homes are an alternative to staying at either a Disney resort or at one of the hotels near the attractions. A home in which you can spread out, put up your feet and relax!

Disney area rentals generally range from three bedroom to five bedrooms, making them ideal for a large family or a group. Of course, there are also condos that have just two bedrooms, which is fine for a smaller family or two couples.

What should you look for when you get ready to check out rentals? Don't let the initial price fool you; take a look at what is (or isn;t) included, first.

Location - It Matters

Disney World Vacation HomesIf you plan to spend your time at the attractions, you likely don't want to rent a home in, say, west Orlando -- you'll have a long drive and a lot of traffic to get to the attractions. Orlando is a spread-out city.

Many of the attractions are actually closer to Kissimmee, so that's another option. What it boils down to is double-checking the location of the home against the location of Disney World. Because parking, etc. once you get to Disney will likely add another 30 minutes to your trip.

Rental Home Cool Down

One item that might prove very useful in a rental is if it has a pool. It's pretty hot in Orlando from May through September, and a dip in the pool can be awfully refreshing, especially after a hot day at the parks.

Similarly, a hot tub can also be a welcome feature at day's end. So think about if you'd like to rent a home with a pool and/or hot tub as part of the package.

How Many Bedrooms Do You Need?

There are homes of all shapes and sizes available, but if you're renting a Disney World vacation home, it's important to know how many bedrooms you will need. And along with that, perhaps even more important -- how many bathrooms!

Once you've decided on how many bedrooms/baths you need, it's time to start finding homes and comparing prices. And like I said in the beginning, the final price isn't everything (yet, anyway).

Disney World Vacation Homes - Prices

Yes, price does matter, and the costs vary widely. While none are cheap, for a group or large family, the rental price can certainly be better than staying in multiple hotel rooms (not to mention more comfortable for a week or more stay).

When you're booking your Walth Disney World vacation home, remember to ask about if an extra deposit is necessary, returned if your leave the home in a good condition. And don't forget to check out any cancellation policy -- no one likes to cancel, but you do need to know the owner's policy.

And don't forget -- get that policy in writing!

Booking Your Disney Vacation Rental

As with most things Disney, you'll want to start looking as far in advance as possible, and that goes extra for the summer and around Christmas. And yes, you can sometimes find a great last minute deal (like if someone else cancelled at the last minute), it's not something you should count on.

So in summary, decide on your price range, how much space you need, and how close you want to be to Disney World. Then start looking for the perfect Disney vacation home for your stay.

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Don't Forget the Cost of Food!

If you have a large family or group, you know that food cost can really add up. Staying in a vacation home can help defray those costs!

If the rental home has a grill, think burgers, hot dogs, chicken and the like -- fresh, tasty and made how you like it!

The down side is finding the grocery stores and then actually doing the cooking (if you'd like to take a break from the kitchen on vacation).

But no doubt about it; a vacation home rental can certainly save you money, when it compares to the price of eating every meal out.


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