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Walt Disney World Fun Facts

Disney World fun facts sure are interesting!  I'm one of those people who seems to come up with trivia for any given circumstance -- it's amazing what the mind can collect!  So I thought I'd share with you.

Now you probably already knew that Disney World in Orlando opened on October 1, 1971.  But did you also know that before computer animation was available, it took something like three years to make an animated Disney movie?

Anyway, here are some fun facts about Walt Disney World.  Now some of these will be about the parks...and some will be about the Disney movies (just to keep things interesting).

So, get ready, get set and enjoy the Disney World Fun Facts!

  • What is the third most recyled material at Disney?  Can you believe, ahem, manure?  Nope, I never would have guessed it.  I imagine it's the most recycled material at Animal Kingdom!

  • What in the world are "hidden Mickeys"?  As you look around the parks, you can spot the famous mouse ears symbol in the most unusual places.  Next time you visit the parks or the resorts, start looking for them in doors, windows and buildings (signs don't count).

  • What's the tallest building/structure at Walt Disney World?  If you said Cinderella's castle...your're wrong!  It's actually the Tower of Terror at MGM that takes the top prize (pun intended) at 199 feet tall.  So what about Cinderella's castle?  It comes in second at 183 feet.

  • The Magic Kingdom was the first theme park to open...what was the second Disney World Orlando theme park and when did it open?  It was EPCOT, and it opened it's doors on October 1st, 1982.  It was originally known as "EPCOT Center", but today it's just EPCOT.

  • Speaking of EPCOT, what does EPCOT stand for?  Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

  • Which is the most recent Disney World theme park to open?  Animal Kingdom, and it opened on April 22, 1998.  What makes this unusual?  Because all the other Disney World theme parks opened on the first day of their respective months!

  • We can't leave MGM out st of this -- so when did MGM open it's doors?  On May 1, 1989.

  • The TV series "The Wonderful World of Disney" -- when did it first air?  Can you believe it, in 1954.  It debuted as "Disneyland" and had many name changes over the years.

  • Who is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?  Before Mickey was "born" in Steamboat Willie, Oswald was the animated character who was Mickey's predecessor.

  • Speaking of Mickey Mouse being born...when did that happen?  Waaaay back on November 18, 1928.

  • So just who is Mortimer?  When Mickey was first born as a mouse (and not a lucky rabbit), Walt Disney favored the name "Mortimer".  However, his wife didn't and insisted on the name Mickey instead.

Had enough?  Didn't think so!  Here are more Disney World fun facts!

  • Hey all you Snow White fans...name the 7 dwarves!  Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey and Doc.  Tell the truth now...which names did you forget!

  • How many square miles does Disney World cover?  At last count, 47 square miles -- wow!

  • What year did FastPass debute at the Disney World theme parks?  In 1999 (what took 'em so long?).

  • In what year was the first Disney World marathon held?  The Walt Disney World marathon was first held in 1994.

  • Who lights the Magic Kingom fireworks display?  Why Tinkerbell, of course!  (Jiminey Cricket just narrates.)

  • For EPCOT's IllumiNations fireworks show, what countries provide the fireworks?  The United States, naturally, but Japan, Canada, France, China, Italy and Spain also contribute.

  • How many stone/concrete bricks are in Cinderella's castle?  Would you believe none?  The construction is all fiberglass!

  • Which is the biggest theme park in Walt Disney World?  Animal Kingdom is the largest, at 500 acres.  And if you walk around it for a day it will seem like 5,000!  (It really is a big park.)

  • When the Magic Kingdom opened, what were the "E Ticket" rides?  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Small World and the Hall of Presidents.

  • What were "E Tickets"?  Hard to imagine, but when Disney first opened (and for many years thereafter), you were issued a book of ride tickets -- kind of like you would get at a carnival or fair.  The book had A through E tickets, with the E tickets being the best rides (so naturally you didn't get many of those).  If you wanted extra tickets, you had to buy them at little kiosks.  It's so much nicer now with no ride tickets, unless you count FastPass!

  • What's the name of the Blizzard Beach mascot?  Did you even know there was one?  Yep, it's Ice Gator.

  • What is Big Bertha and where is it/she found?  If you look around in the Grand Floridian Resort, you'll find Big Bertha -- a fairground organ!
  • How many blocks long is Main Street in the Magic Kingdom?  It's actually only two blocks long, but boy is it ever filled with neat stores.

Still want more Disney World fun facts?  Here you go!

  • Where is the "Happiest cruised that ever sailed" located?  You probably guessed already, but in case you didn't know -- Small World lays claim to that!

  • Imagine you're in the Country Bear Jamboree -- who swings down from the ceiling?  Why Teddi Bara, naturally!

  • There are two caves on Tom Sawyer's Island -- name 'em!  Injun Joe's and the Magnetic Mystery Mine.

  • How big is Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life?  It's a large tree all right, at 145 feet tall and with a trunk 50 feet in diameter.  Whew!

  • Space Mountain was flight tested (so to speak) by who?  Would you believe American astronauts as well as Russian cosmonauts?  Cool!

  • Who flight tested Expedition Everest?  Disney World employees (that had to be fun).

  • Name all the "lands" in the Magic Kingdom.  Adventureland, Liberty Square, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Mickey's ToonTown Fair and last but not least -- Main Street.

  • How tall would Mickey have to be to fit in the sorcerer's hat that sits in the middle of MGM?  A whopping 352 feet tall!  (I don't know about you, but I think that's one big mouse!)

  • How many fireworks displays does Walt Disney World set off in a year?  More than 1,000 displays! .

I hope you've enjoyed the Disney World fun facts!  As I uncover more, I'll be sure to add them to the list.   Now here are some other pages you might like to visit!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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