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Disney World, Best Time to Go

Walt Disney World best time to go depends on what you want.  While everyone wants the best price, there can be other considerations, too.

What kind of weather do you like?  Hot and sunny?  With a tiny bit of a nip in the air?  Do you mind passing showers?  Does humidity in the 80-90% range bother you?

What about crowds?  Do you not mind them because you like to people watch?  Would you rather go when there are the fewest crowds?

As you can see, the Disney World best time to go is a combination of a few things.  Check out this page to find out your best time to go to Disney World!

Best Prices for a Disney World Vacation

Let's start out with prices, because that's what everyone wants to know first.  Walt Disney World isn't exactly inexpensive, so wherever you can save some money is a good thing.

(Now keep in mind that the actual Disney World theme park tickets themselves don't go on sale, based on the season.  You can get better deals on them if you look around, though, or buy multi-day passes.)

Disney World Resort Discounts

Disney resorts are something else, though -- they do have price ranges, based on the dates.

First thing -- there are now five different price seasons; from least to most expensive they are:

  • Value tends to be January 1 through the middle of February; the end of August through the beginning of October.  Also the first two weeks in December.
  • Regular is generally mid April through the last week or so of Mayt; from the beginning of October up through Thanksgiving.
  • Summer is generally the end og May through the first week in August

  • Peak is between the middle of February through the middle of April.

    Holiday is between Christmas and New Year's.

I realize that not everyone has a lot of choice of their times -- maybe you need to come during the summer when the kids are out of school, or want to splurge and come to Disney during the Christmas holidays.  But by choosing your dates carefully, you can save money!

Here's an example, based on 2009 rates, for a Disney World moderate resort

  • A room booked September 28th costs $149 a night. 
  • Book it October 12th and it bumps up to $170 a night. 
  • Choose December 14th and the room is $149 a night
  • Just two weeks later on December 28th and the same room is over $300 a night!

Your best bet? Check around on the internet for some really great discounts for the Disney resorts. My tip is to check more than one site, because not everyone has the same discount! You can find some good Disney resort hotel deals, though.

Want to know the exact season dates for now through the end of 2008?  Check out the Disney World resorts rates page.

Disney World Best Weather

The absolute best weather, based on temperature, humidity and sunshine is February through April, then from the middle of October through Thanksgiving.

The worst weather is June, July and August.  The heat and humidity are both up in the 90's and rain is possible on any given day.  The end pf May and beginning of September can be marginal -- some years they are good, others they are hot and humid, too.

Check the Disney World weather page for a more complete look at what you can expect.

Best Time to Go to Disney World - Overall

My pick for the Disney World best time to go is the end of September through the beginning of October.  The runner-up is the end of January through the beginning of February (I happen to like the sweater weather then) .

Your best time to go to Disney World might be different, though.  But with this information, you can make an informed choice!

Have a great Disney World vacation!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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Disney World Best Time to Go and Crowds

The crowds tend to follow the seasons -- Value has the fewest crowds, while Holiday has the most...

...with the exception of the middle of June through the first week or two in July when people come out of the woodwork! 

It's all the families that come to Disney at that time of year.  If you can wait just two weeks, until the end of July you'll find fewer crowds

Save Money at Disney!

You can save bundles of cash on your next Disney World vacation! (And saving money is good, right?) Check out the Ultimate Savings Guide!




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