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A Disney Wedding

A Disney wedding and a Disney honeymoon is something almost every bride dreams about, even if just for a moment. 

Where for the day your groom is Prince Charming and your are a beautiful princess. 

And where after the fairytale wedding you can extend your time with a Disney World honeymoon.

A Disney wedding is easier to arrange than you think.  Not to mention more romantic than you've ever dreamed.

Can I Afford a Disney Wedding?

Did you know that the average (non-Disney) wedding today costs around $26,000 these days?  It's all those extras that keep adding up, especially at the last minute.  Not to mention all those things that you don't think of (and budget for) in the very beginning! 

Why not let Disney take care of it all for you and save you some stress?  They even have checklists available for the different wedding packages -- that's a big help!

So let's discover some more about planning a Disney wedding.  It just may be more affordable than you think!

Information About a Disney Wedding

In the following pages, you'll discover all kinds of information for planning your romantic Disney wedding.  White Roses and Wedding RingsAfter all, Disney delights in helping you create the wedding of your dreams.

  • Disney World Weddings -- where to start planning the magic!

  • Walt Disney World Wedding Packages -- let Disney do all the work for you with any one of their four wedding packages.  No matter if you want a large wedding or an intimate one, on land or at sea, there is a Disney wedding package that is just right for you.

  • Disney World Fairytale Wedding -- the romantic wedding of your dreams, come true in Disney style.  You can be a princess for a day, have a themed wedding, or even get married in one of the exotic or adventurous places in the them parks.

With all this information about a Disney wedding, you are set for a romantic adventure!

Top of Disney Wedding page

Disney Escape Weddings page

Disney Wishes Weddings page

Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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A Disney World Fairytale Wedding

All the romance of a Disney World storybook wedding can be yours!

(Cinderella would approve.)

Walt Disney World Florida, Cinderella


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