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Disney vacation packages aren't hard to find, but how to you know you're getting the best Walt Disney vacation deal? With all the Disney packages available, it might seem hard to figure out what's great versus what you probably should pass on.

Disney Vacation PackagesHere are some of the secrets for finding the very best Disney vacation for you!

Book Ahead of Time

The very first, best tip for getting the biggest discount is to book ahead of time; at least six months ahead of time is great.

Don't procrastinate and think that you'll find a "last minute" deal. Walt Disney World is so very popular that the last minute deals involve the high-end resorts and rooms (think suites). Great savings, but still pretty pricy.

Also keep in mind that Summer and holidays (especially Christmas) are extremely popular times at Walt Disney World; even if you're willing to pay a higher price, nothing might be available (although that mainly applies to Christmas).

Locating Disney Vacation Packages

Okay, when you're checking for Disney vacation packages, you need to do some research; your "homework" so to speak. Why? To get the best overall deals, of course!

First, you've probably seen the TV commercials for a family of four pays only (fill in the price, depending on the current offer).

Guess what? You now know the most you'll have to pay! The trick now is knowing what's in the package and what you need to beat it. And it's not as difficult as you might think...

Know What's in the Package

Disney Vacation Packages - Polynesian ResortHere are some thoughts to keep in the back of your mind when you're comparing Disney World vacation package prices.

Where are you staying -- at a Disney resort or at a nearby hotel? It's commonly thought that a hotel outside of Disney is cheaper than staying at a Disney resort. Guess what -- it's not necessarily true! There are lots of benefits to staying at a Disney resort, but there are cheaper alternatives if you're really on a shoestring budget.

When you find a great price for a package and the hotel is off Disney grounds, do a little checking for the ratings for the hotel -- they are not all created equally (trust me on this one). I've stayed in some bargain hotels where more than one bath towel costs extra!

Verify that the hotel you're staying at has complimentary shuttles to Disney World, and check on the schedule! You'd hate to miss out on the Magic Kingdom fireworks because the last shuttle back leaves just as the fireworks start.

Know the kinds of tickets that are in the various Disney vacation packages. The basic ticket is "magic your way", but you can add various options (which obviously cost extra). Get the options you want, but don't pay for what you won't use. And check any rock-bottom price packages to see if the tickets have any options (like the most popular; the Disney Park Hopper).

Are there any cancellation fees? Nope, you don't want to cancel your long-anticipated Disney World vacation, but life happens and sometimes you have to. That being the case, check to see the cancellation policy. Sometimes they only apply if you cancel within 10 days, occasionally no matter how far in advance, you get a fee. And sometimes those fees can be awfully steep!

Disney Dining; is it included? Yes, Disney is unfortunately rather expensive when it comes to eating, and a Disney dining plan can help out a great deal. When comparing packages, check and see if it's included or not.

Disney Vacation Packages

Now you know a bit about finding Disney vacation packages, and locating the one just right for you! So get looking, and book your Walt Disney vacation of a lifetime!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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