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Disney Theme Parks

There are four Disney theme parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  Each of these four has a totally different "look and feel".  And although the parks will appeal to all ages, the Disney theme parks each cater to a different guest.

The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was the first of the Walt Disney World parks to be established.  It is undeniably fun for all ages, as there are rides an attractions to delight both.  However, it is geared to the child, as well as the child in all of us!

Check these links for details about Disney World Magic Kingdom and Magic Kingdom park hours.

EPCOT Center

EPCOT (which stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) Center was the next of the Disney theme parks to open.  If the Magic Kingdom was for children, EPCOT was more for the older children and adults.  Although there have been a few attractions that appeal to the younger crowd added over the years, it's really more geared towards adults.

Check these links for details about Disney EPCOT Center and EPCOT park hours.

Disney's Hollywood Studios (MGM)

Hollywood Studios (at that time called MGM Studio) theme park was the third to open, and it's different still.  It seems to try and appeal to both children and adults.  If you like movies of all kinds, you'll enjoy the Disney Hollywood Studios theme park.  Oh, there are plenty of movies for the wee ones (think Muppets) as well as for teens and adults (Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Check these links for details about Disney Hollywood Studio and Disney Hollywood Studio park hours.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom Disney theme park is the last one that has opened, and it seems to strike a good balance between little children, teens and adults -- definitely something for everyone!  It's also the largest of the Disney Theme parks, so please do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Check these links for details about Disney's Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom park hours.

Disney Theme Parks -- Fireworks and Parades

The various Disney theme parks are well-known for their wonderful fireworks and parades!  But interestingly, only the Magic Kingdom really has both.  Actually, the Magic Kingdom has a daytime parade, a night-time parade and glorious freworks. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom has a fun (and long) parade, but no fireworks (would probably frighten the animals). 

EPCOT has a very nice show, IllumiNations, with lasers and fireworks -- but no parade.

MGM has two parades, but their fireworks aren't traditional, and they can really only be seen from the amphitheater.

Check these links for details about Disney parades and fireworks schedules.

I hope you have a wonderful time in the Disney theme parks!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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Different Parks, Different Ages

It's interesting, how the different parks appeal to different age groups. And while people of every age have their favorites, there are two general rules.

The Magic Kingdom is for the kids (or the kid in all of us). There are far more rides and attractions geared towards the younger age set.

EPCOT is more for the older kids and adults, especially when it comes to the various nations. FutureWorld does have rides, but they still seem to be mostly for age 10 and up (with a couple of exceptions).

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