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Disney Resort Discount

Finding a Disney resort discount can sometimes seem like finding a needle in a haystack.  But if you look long enough (or just know where to look) you can have a Walt Disney resort vacation for a price that's little more than a resort outside Disney.

The first thing you need to consider is when you can take your vacation.  Do you have children and they need to be out of school?  Does your work restrict the vacation days to certain times?

These will be the first things you'll need to consider, before looking for your Walt Disney resort discount.

If you're lucky enough to be able to take your Disney World vacation at any time during the year, you'll probably want to look at the least expensive times of the year. Yes, even a day's difference can mean a big difference in the rates!Disney Resort Discount, Swan Resort

Disney Resort Discount Package

Yes, the vacation package deals are the very best discount you can get for your Disney World resort.  But keep in mind there are several different kinds of package deals!

First of all is the standard Walt Disney World vacation package, which is the resort room and theme park tickets.  These resort package deals can be very nice indeed.  

Disney advertises the vacation package discounts, which are basically the room(s) and tickets for one price.  These Disney resort packages are generally for 7 days and 6 nights.

If 7 days is not the right length of stay for you, you're best off checking some of the online vendors who sell the packages. 

Disney has also started offering more in the way of 4 day resort vacation packages. Here's something to consider, though -- the discount isn't as much as you might imagine. It costs less for a 4 day day, but not substantially less. Hmm.

Some of the cool discount Disney vacation packages that I've seen include a Disney meal plan thrown in, which could mean a pretty substantial discount!  Basically these vendors commit to a certain volume of sales, so they can pass savings along to you. Check out a few to see who's offering the best overall packages for you!


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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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Disney Hotel Discount and Your Vacation

Before you look at a possible Disney hotel discount, here's a thought. 

Do you want the very cheapest rate (which would be a Disney Value resort or the Swan or Dolphin)?

Or do you want the best value?  Sometimes you can snag a Moderate or Deluxe room for a substantial discount off the regular rate.



Save Money at Disney!

You can save bundles of cash on your next Disney World vacation! (And saving money is good, right?) Check out the Ultimate Savings Guide!

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