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Disney Princess Jewelry Box

A Disney Princess jewelry box is a wonderful place to store treasures and dream about how it would feel to be royalty.  From little trading pins to fabulous creations made by Swarovski (and everything in between), you can store your belongings in these miniature works of art.

Whether you want to buy a special gift for a young lady, or you want to begin (or add to) your own Disney Princess jewelry box collection, there's something special just waiting to delight you.

First, take a moment and decide what exactly you want.  Do you want one designed around a special royal lady, like Ariel or Jasmine?  Or maybe you'd like something musical, and dream right along with the music as it softly plays.

What Kind of Disney Princess Jewelry Boxes?

You can also find some very interesting boxes integrated with a CD player!  (How's that for keeping all your treasured jewelry and CDs all in one place?)   Sure gives a new twist on the term "music box", don't you think?

You can buy them in ceramic, glass, wood, resin or plastic (the plastic being the ones that include a CD player).

So you get the idea -- there are lots and lots of different kinds of the jewelry boxes for you to explore and decide upon.  Here are some wonderful creations of all shapes and sizes, waiting for its new owner (you) to take it home and treasure it. Click on a picture for more information (and a bigger picture, too).

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