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Disney Princess Birthday Party

A Disney Princess birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate!  It's you girl's special day, and she should feel like royalty.

Disney Princess Birthday Party CelebrationBut what's a party without Disney Princess party invitations?  Games?  Supplies?

Here are some Disney Princess party ideas (and supplies) to make the day magical!

One Princess or More?

Does your little one especially like a certain Disney Princess, or does she like them all?  For example, does she dream she's Cinderella?  The more exotic Jasmine?  Maybe Snow White?  Or are all these ladies magical in her eyes?

Your Disney Princess party theme can reflect one or more of the royal ladies.  And the guest of honor can always attend in the costume of her favorite!  That way no one needs to ask, "which Disney Princess are you?".

Birthday Party Invitations

For any party, invitations need to go out, right?  Instead of the regular kind that you pick up at the store, how about starting the theme off right with Disney Princess party invitations?

Not only will you have fun filling them out, but the friends getting the Disney Princess invitations will think it's so neat!

Disney Party Supplies

Now that the invitations are out the door, it's time to think about the Disney party supplies you'll need.  Since it's a Princess party theme, the decorations, games and such will need to reflect the princess in your little one.

For some wonderful Disney princess birthday party supplies and ideas, see what's available right now. As always, you can click on any photo to see more information (and more pictures!).

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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