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Disney Princess Bedding

Wrap your little one in Disney Princess bedding, and send her off to dreamland imagining that she's royalty.  Will she dance the night away, like Belle or Cinderella?  Take a magic carpet ride like Jasmine?  Or be like Snow White - thwart the evil queen and be awakened by Prince Charming?

There are lots of reasons for designing a Princess bedroom, but your little girl's smile and imagination are the best reasons of all.

You probably already know what you need, as far as sizes go.  You can buy everything from Disney Princess toddler bedding, all the way up to...however old you want!

About Disney Princess Collection Bedding

Most of the Disney princess collection bedding comes in sets, primarily in twin and full sizes (except for the toddler sizes, of course).  Naturally, you can find comforters, too, and even some pillows and wall hangings. You can also find nursery sizes as well (start your baby off right).

As you might guess, pink is the most popular color, but there are others as well

You can choose from several of the eight Princesses, as well as favorites like Tinkerbelle (can't forget her).  You can even find sets for the newest of the royal ladies.

Send your little girl to sleep wrapped in the comforting dreamland, snug in her bed.

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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