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Disney Parades and Fireworks

Your vacation wouldn't be complete without seeing the Disney parades and fireworks. They are a wonderful part of your Orlando Walt Disney World vacation. After all, seeing your favorite Disney toys and characters come to life is exciting!

So, exactly what Disney parades are fireworks shows can you see? And more importantly, what are the Disney parade and firework times?

Walt Disney World has parades and/or fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios (MGM). Let's take a look at what each offers, because they are all very much different.

Magic Kingdom Parades and Fireworks

Walt Disney World's Magic Kindom has the following for parades and fireworks:

    Share a Dream Come True: This parade has a cast of Disney characters, and winds from Town Square on Main Street USA to Frontierland (Yee-haw!). 

    Disney Wishes Nighttime Spectacular: Jiminy Cricket himself hosts a musical fireworks display to light up your Magic Kingdom night! Because this is the Magic Kingdom, it is the biggest display of fireworks in all the parks. You need to stay and see it!  

    Spectromagic: This is a special parade, and not held every night. But on nights when Spectromagic performs, it is a definite must-see! This is a nighttime parade, all lit up with thousands and thousands of lights of every sort. It is way cool, and if you have a choice for your day at the Magic Kingdom, pick a day when you can see Spectromagic.

EPCOT Fireworks

IllumiNations is the name of the EPCOT fireworks show. And really, it's more than just fireworks! IllumiNations is also a laser-light and "regular" light show, featuring all the nations in the continents section of the themepark. Held in the lagoon area, IllumiNations has over 1,000 fireworks bursts!

IllumiNations is set to music, and what a show it is. If you're at EPCOT, please stay until 9:00 PM because each and every night you can see the IllumiNations fireworks and light show!

Animal Kingdom Parade

Disney's Animal Kingdom parade is called Mickey's Jammin' Jungle parade. You can see your favorite Disney characters play and dance throughout the streets of Africa, Discovery Island and Asia (hmmm, sounds like a long parade to me).

Disney Hollywood Studios (MGM) Parade and Fireworks

There is one parade and one fireworks show at Disney Hollywood Studios, and they are:

Block Party Bash:  This is a band new parade, debuting in March 2008.  There are plenty of Pixar characters as well as floats, acrobatics, music and much more!  

Fantasmic!:  It's a cross between a stage show, fountains, fireworks, lasers and...well, you'll just have to check it out! 

Disney Parade and Fireworks Times

Since the days and times for the parades and fireworks seem to change so often, I'm going to refer you to the oficial Disney World pages for the information. Just locate the date you want and click on it, and you'll see the parade and fireworks times. The parks are as follows:

Magic Kingdom -- Disney Hollywood Studios -- Animal Kingdom

(I didn't include EPCOT, since it keeps the same time year around -- 9:00 PM for IllumiNations)

  • Note: Disney World keeps up the calendar on the sites listed above, and I've occasionally seen the calendar go offline for between a few hours and few days. Just bookmark the page and check back the next day or so.

Keep in mind that if you are staying at one of the Walt Disney World resorts, you are eligible for the Extra Magc Hours program, at no additional cost.

The Extra Magic Hours lets you have an extra hour in the park either before or after normal hours!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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About the Magic Kingdom Parades and Fireworks

In general, the Share a Dream Come True parade happens every day. However, Disney Wishes and Spectromagic depend on the Magic Kingdom park hours that day.

If there is a special event in the evening and the park closes early, neither Disney Wishes or Spectromagic will take place.

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