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The Disney dining plan (also called the Disney meal plan) is an effort by Disney World to ease up on the cost of eating in the parks and resorts.  Some people like it, since it helps hold down the cost of food.  Others say it's too restrictive.

Walt Disney World says that you can save up to 40% of your meal costs by using the Disney dining plan, instead of paying for everything separately.

Here's some information on the Disney dining plan, and you can decide for yourself.

In the Beginning, There Was Food

Disney World had a captive audience in the beginning; they couldn't bring food in the park, and the guests couldn't go all day without food.

The restaurants were simpler then, with a lot of fast-food kinds of stands, as well as the snack vendors.  Of course it was mainly the Magic Kindom in those days.

Then came the other parks and resorts and although the food was good, guests cried out for some sort of relief from the high prices.  Thus, the Disney dining plan was born.  

About the Disney Dining Plan

When you purchase a standard dining plan, you are entitled to the following for each night of your resort stay:

One sit-down meal in a restaurant.  Most Disney World restaurants participate in the dining plan, but sometimes it costs extra -- depends on the restaurant and the average price of entrees.  The meal includes an appetizer, entree, dessert and a beverage -- and the tip.  

One counter meal (fast food-type of restaurant).  This includes a combo meal, dessert and a single-serving beverage.  If there are no combo meals (or you don't choose one) your meal includes an entree, dessert and a single-serving beverage.

One snack: snacks include fruit, popcorn, ice cream, soda or water.

How it Works

The Disney dinng plan is relatively easy to use, and it works like this:

When you initially make your Disney vacation reservations, ask for the Disney dining plan.  You can then choose from over 100 restaurants that participate in the plan.  When you make a reservation, mention that you are using the Disney dining plan

Present your "Key to the World" card at the restaurant, which calculates and deducts your meals.  You are then given a receipt showing your meals, so you can track them.

Certain restaurants and dinner shows will require two table service meal allocation, instead of one.  These tend to be the very pricey restaurants.

You can eat your food in any order, until your meal balance reaches zero.

You can sometimes book a Disney vacation package where they will "throw in" several days of the Disney dining plan for free.  It's definitely worth looking into!

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Pick Your Plan!

It used to be there was one Disney dining plan. Then two, then...

Here are the current plans that Disney offers:

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Standard Dining Plan

Deluxe Dining Plan

Premium Plan

Platinum Plan

Wine and Dine Plan

You can find out more at the official Disney World site; click here for the full scoop.


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