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Disney Deluxe Resorts

The Disney Deluxe resorts are for those who want lots of comfort, amenities and possibly upgraded transportation around Walt Disney World. Larger rooms. More dining options. Being closer to the theme parks completes the picture.

What's Special About a Disney Deluxe Resort?

Because you get pampered at Disney Deluxe resort. And in some instances the resorts are on the monorail system, so transportation to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT is very fast. And in at least one resort, there is the possibility that you will get to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from your room -- how's that for an extra?

The Walt Disney World atmosphere is another reason to stay on-site at a Disney resort. Although most of the transportation is by bus (unless you are staying at a resort on the monorail), the resorts are smaller and thus less of a wait for a seat. (Besides, the monorail takes off some of the "traffic pressure".)

One of my favorite extras -- not having to lug my new-found goodies all around the theme parks! When you go shopping in the parks, you can have your treasures sent directly to your room. If you do some serious shopping in the theme parks this is a great amenity.

Instead of carrying your credit cards around, pretty much everything can be charged to your room. It's nice when you can account for all your purchases (helps you to plan for your next Walt Disney World vacation, right?).

Phot of Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Photo of Disney's Wilderness Lodge, one of the Disney World Deluxe Resorts

It also means you are less vulnerable to losing your credit cards in the parks -- like when you go on some of the fast rides.

There are five Disney Deluxe resorts; they are:

There are also two Walt Disney World resorts that are part deluxe and part vacation club resorts; they are:

  • Boardwalk Inn - Located near the EPCOT theme park

  • Yacht Club:  Located near the EPCOT theme park (I've stayed here as well!)
Have a great vacation at your Walt Disney World resort hotel!


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