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Disney cruises can be wonderfully relaxing. Imagine, you're laying by the pool, curled up with a good book and cold drink...and the kids are being entertained by the cruise staff! 

Everyone gets together at mealtime, where there is laughter and fun (not to mention great service).

But wait, what about the times on the tropical islands, where you snorkel and swim together, then eat a picnic lunch?

Does this sound good to you? A Disney cruise may be just what you need! (And it would be even better with a discount, right?)

Are Disney Cruises Right for You?

First, have you ever been on a cruise vacation? If you have and enjoyed it, a Disney cruise is right up your alley.

Never been on a cruise vacation? Disney cruises has you covered! Don't worry about being bored or having nothing to do. You can be as busy or as relaxed as you want.

Disney Cruise Vacation Private IslandDo you get (gulp) seasick? Not to worry, the cruise line ships are big and stable. The Bahamas waters where you'll probably be cruising tend to be pretty calm. And hey, there's always Dramamine (the non-drowsy kind). Seriously, I get seasick pretty easily and Bahamas cruises keep me on an even keel.

Can I Get a Discount?

But of course! Here's a hint -- you almost never, ever need to pay a full cruise price if you know how and when to book your Disney cruises ticket.

And if you buy a Disney vacation package with some time at the parks as well as on the cruise, you can get an especially good deal. (I jokingly call those packages "surf and turf".)

Depending on what time of year you go, Disney cruises can be downright cheap for all you get! Again, you need to know when to go and how to get those discount cruise tickets.

What's Included on a Disney Cruise?

The first thing, know that food is included! You probably already knew that, but with the cost of eating out, your Disney cruise has just become a better deal.

Entertainment is also included. You have to try really hard to be bored on a cruise ship; there is something going on all the time! From shows to demonstrations to lectures to lessons to downright play time, Disney cruises are chock-full of entertainment opportunities.

Your cabin, naturally. Personally I like a cabin with a window or verandah, but I have been known to book an inside cabin. And you know what -- for the amount of time I spend there, an inside cabin usually suits me fine.

What's Not Included?

This is a very smart question that you asked. There are several things that are not included in the base cost of Disney cruises that can drive your cost up if you let it. That's fine if you plan for it, but don't be caught unawares.

  • Sodas and alcoholic beverages are extra (except for sodas in the dining room with a meal).
  • Shore excursions.
  • Spa treatments, including haircuts.
  • Onboard shopping
  • Photographs. Most people pose for the photos without having any intention of buying them...but usually they do!
  • Some special onboard activities (breakfast with Disney characters for example).
  • Tips - you will be expected to tip your room steward and dining room waiters at the very least.
  • Travel to and from the cruise ship. This not only includes the airfare but also the transportation between Orlando and Port Canaveral.

Disney ships are very modern, large and stable. The tropical sun is waiting, and the people are friendly. Come on and enjoy your Disney cruise vacation!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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What are the Cruise Lengths?

Disney cruises from Florida come in 3-, 4-, 7- and the rare 10-night cruise.

The 3- and 4-night cruises stay in the Bahamas, including some time at a Disney private island.

7-night cruises go to either the eastern or western Caribbean, again with time at a Disney private island.

The rare 10-night cruise (when it is available) goes to the southern Caribbean

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