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Disney All Star Resorts

The Disney All Star resorts are a great value for your money. Whether you prefer to spend more time in the parks than your room or you'd just as soon spend your money in the parks than your room, there's an All Star resort for you!

There are three Disney All Star resorts and a fourth called Pop Century. They are all so close to services and amenities, that I am listing all of them together. 

The Disney All Star resorts are also known as the Disney Value resorts. Their low rates let you spend more of your money in the parks, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Don't expect luxury, but do expect a clean, comfortable room and the exceptional service that the Disney resorts are known for.

Why Stay at a Disney All Star Resort?

First, it's the friendly Walt Disney World atmosphere. Another advantage is the easy transportation between all the theme parks via bus, as well as to all the other Disney resort hotels. No parking or traffic worries! (No chance of getting lost on the road either.)

(Something to note: Although the transportation between the Value resorts and the rest of Disney is free, there is often a wait for a bus. During prime season, that wait can be long.)

Another benefit is not having to lug your new-found treasures all around the theme parks! When you go shopping in the parks, you can have your goodies sent to your room instead of taking it back there yourself.

You don't have to carry your credit cards around -- pretty much everything can be charged to your room. It's especially great when it comes time to say "now how exactly did I spend my money?".

The four Disney Value resorts are:

Disney Resort Discount 

The Disney resort discount is really about picking the right time of year for your Disney World vacation.  The most expensive is the Holiday season -- you will pay a lot more for the very same room in the Holiday season than you would just one week later, in the Value season.

It's really amazing, the price differences.  For example, the rates for the low season (generally after New Year's to the beginning of February + most of September) start at around $100 a night, while the same room for the week between Christmas and New Year's would cost around $179 a night -- big difference!

Here's a hint you should know about these rates -- if you want the lowest rate, book well in advance.  Why?  Because all the least expensive rooms are booked first.  The rates just start from $100 in the Value season -- that doesn't mean all the rooms are that price!  Keep that in mind when you make your reservation.

Have a great vacation at your Walt Disney World All Star Value resort hotel


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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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Best Times and Discounts for a Disney World Resort Vacation

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Included is information about the different rate seasons as well as what to look for in the way of discounts! Hey, why spend more money than you have to? Getting a discount means you are a savvy shopper.



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