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Cruise ship ahoy! If a regular Disney cruise is fun, a discount Disney cruise is something too good to pass up! Think of your Disney cruise as a theme park on the ocean, full of fun and laughter.  

Imagine enjoying your Disney cruise, knowing you got a great deal. Although you are eating in the dame dining rooms and enjoying the same cruise ship entertainment, you may have paid much less than the person sitting next to you.

How? just by doing a little searching! You're smart to look for the best Disney cruise discount you can.

What Kind of Discounts?

I recently priced a 4-night Disney cruise both on the official Disney cruise line page...and then the same cruise at several different online sites. They were the same Disney cruise for the same dates.

First of all, there are several ways to get a discount Disney cruise. You can go through an online travel service for one. You know, sites like Expedia and Travelocity. You can also check out online travel agencies who specialize in cruises.

I did this and discovered there is a difference. I found anywhere from a 13% to 30% discount on a standard inside room. It does pay to shop around!

When you are looking at the various discount Disney cruise rates, make sure you are comparing everything the same way. For example, port charges are extra on top of the cruise. So when you check the various rates make sure they include the port charges and taxes.

Any Other Discount Disney Cruise Hints?

Oh yes!

First, if you can be flexible on your cruise dates you can often save a substantial amount. Here's an example. Maybe you want to take a Disney cruise in August, but you're flexible as to when in August you can take the cruise. Wow, if you can take the cruise at the end of the month compared to the beginning, you've just saved hundreds of dollars -- not even including the discounts!

Airfare is next. The same thing applies -- shop around. When I cruise, if I have to fly somewhere I book my own tickets. Usually I save quite a bit of money compared to what the cruise line offers. What's also nicer is that I can normally fly out of the airport closest to me, rather than one of the cruise line hub cities.

Oh, and if you have a choice, ask for a "TBA" (to be assigned) cabin. I've done this and several times I have gotten an upgrade for free! Basically, you can buy at the rock bottom rate and if your category gets sold out, you can get bumped up to a better cabin. My best one was where I booked an inside cabin and got bumped to an outside! That hasn't always happened, but I have always managed at least a 1-category upgrade by booking a TBA cabin.

A Note for Florida Residents...

Florida residents taking a Bahamas or Caribbean cruise often qualify for special rates. If you are a Florida resident, specify that! Not all the cruise quotes I got online asked for my state of residence.

Anything Else?

If you want to spend some time at the Walt Disney World theme parks and also take a Disney cruise, the rates can be even better. This is a situation where I would get a travel agency that specializes in Walt Disney World vacations involved.

So enjoy your discount Disney cruise, knowing that you saved a bundle!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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