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How do you go about finding the cheapest Disney tickets?  Everyone claims to have them, sure.  But what are the real deals?  And is there anything you need to watch out for in your search?  

Compare Apples to Apples

The first step is to know what the standard rate is for the Disney ticket you want. Someone may say they've got a great deal at just $40 a ticket.  But does the ticket have all the options you want, like park hopper for example?  Or is it $40 for a day...but you have to buy 5 days to get that rate?

So before you begin your hunt for the cheapest Disney tickets, know what options you really want, what you can live with, and what's unacceptable.  

Options include (and they each cost a little something extra):

  • Multi-day passes
  • No expiration date
  • Park hopper priviledges
  • Waterpark and Pleasure Island priviledges

Oh, and you can mix and match options to your heart's content.

For the base rate (what Disney World charges), look at the official Disney ticket site (opens in a new window).  Once you're done finding the most it will cost you, come back here and find how to get it for less!

The More, the Merrier...and the Cheaper!

If you are planning a multi-day Walt Disney world vacation, your best bet is likely a multi-day pass (as opposed to multiple tickets).  The more days you buy at a time, the cheaper your Disney tickets get!

Here's a for instance -- pretend I'm from out-of-state and a regular one-day adult ticket costs me $71.  Now, if I buy a 2-day pass, I get just 50 cents off each day.  But if I buy a 5-day pass, my cost per day has just dropped to about $43 -- a $28 per day savings!  Now that's nothing to sneeze at.  And rates go lower the more days you buy!

(Hint -- get the tickets with a no expiration date option and you can use all the days now...or ten years from now.)

Cheapest Disney Tickets -- Are the Ads for Real?

If you've done any looking online, you've seen those ads for $25 tickets for two.  Are they for real?

Yes indeed, many of them really are for real! But there's a catch for those cheapest Disney tickets (you knew that was coming, right?).  Most of the time you qualify for these theme park tickets by agreeing to take a timeshare tour.  Now if these kinds of tours aren't your cup of tea, pass it by -- you still have other options.  But if you enjoy (or at least can tolerate) the tours, you can get a great deal on one-day tickets!

What About Buying Discounted Disney Tickets Online?

Unless you are buying Florida Resident tickets, buying your Disney tickets online is a great idea.  (If you live in Florida there are special considerations -- check the Florida resident tickets page.)

Buying your Disney tickets online from any of the major vendors is perfectly safe, and you can compare prices immediately.  Now that you see what your cheapest Disney ticket will cost you, you can take your pick, once you've read the fine print.  Like what the shipping is going to cost you!  Keep in mind that if you need the tickets soon, you may have to pay express rates to be sure you get them on time.

Moral of this story -- buy online enough ahead of time to avoid high shipping costs!

One Place to Proceed With Caution...

Well, I'd have to say to be careful about buying Walt Disney World tickets on ebay.  I'm an ebay seller myself (no, not tickets), and tickets are an area with lots of confusion and possible misunderstandings.  But that doesn't mean there aren't really good deals to be had! 

If you do want to get your Walt Disney World tickets on ebay, look for a seller with lots of good, recent feedback for tickets.  (If you don't know what I mean by that, don't buy your Disney tickets on ebay.)

If you do see an offer you can't resist bidding on, look for the following:

  • Have the tickets already been used, but there are still days left on them (like if the person bought a multi-day pass)?   You could have problems if they ask to see your ID at the gate.
  • Are the tickets Florida Resident and you live out of state?  Same thing, if the card can't be read by the gate scanner and you are asked for ID, you might be denied entrance to the park.
  • Do the tickets have a due date?  In other words, are they a pass that has to be used by such and such date, or are they the no expiration tickets?

One Last Thing

Now that you have found your cheapest Disney tickets...have a great Disney vacation!

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Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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Florida Residents and Special Prices

If you are a Florida resident, you are eligible for special programs -- check the Florida residents page.  Take a look at it before you start comparing prices online.  The Disney Florida Resident tickets should be the most you have to pay; but you may be able to do better.

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