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Disney All Star Sports Resort

The Disney All Star Sports resort is, as you might have guessed, dedicated to the wonderful world of sports.  In this resort, you'll find themes such as:

  • Surfing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football (American, not soccer)

So you can see, a wide range of sports are represented here at this Disney World resort.

By the way, the Disney All Star Sports is one of the four very popular Walt Disney World Value resorts.  The Disney Value resorts are the most affordable of all the Disney resort hotels, so if you're interested in making a reservation, you'll want to do it as far in advance as you can.

Where is All Star Sports Located?

The Walt Disney All Star Sports resort is located in the Animal Kingdom area. Complimentary Disney transportation to all the theme parks, Downtown Disney and the waterparks is via bus.

Staying Here

First of all, this is a fairly big All Star resort, holding 1,920 guest rooms.  Instead of building up (lots of floors), Walt Disney World decided to build out.  As a result, there is a lot of walking to be done at the Disney All Star Sports resort.

You can get "preferred location" rooms (at an additional cost) that are closer to the guest facilities, such as to food court, transportation and the pools.  If a lot of walking doesn't appeal to you, do consider booking one of these locations.  Although prices are very much subject to change, it costs around $12 more per night for a preferred location room.

All rooms have a maximum occupancy of 4 people.  There are no family suites at the Disney All Star Sports resort -- for suites, check out the All Star Music resort.

The guest rooms at this resort are roughly 260 square feet in size, and feature either two double beds or one king bed.  The rooms are brightly colored and follow the theme of the building in which they are located. FYI, if you are interested in a room with a king bed, you can't reserve them -- they are first-come first-served upon check in.

High-speed internet access is available in the rooms, for an extra fee (roughly $10 a day).

Disney Dining -- Where's the Food?

There is a food court called the "End Zone", located in Stadium Hall.   Here you'll find traditional fast food, such as burgers, fries and pizza.  But there are also counters for deli-style foods, as well as vegetarian offerings.  So, there is probably something for everyone.

There are no table service restaurants on the property.  If you'd like some table service dining, you'll need to either stop by a different resort, or dine in the theme parks.

Pizza delivery as room service is also available.

What Else?

To get an idea of the room rates, visit the Disney World resort rates page.  I've said it before, but it's worth repeating -- the Disney All Star resorts are really popular, so book your reservation as far in advance as you can.

On the more prosaic side, there are laundry facilities, and a gift shop. 

One more thing to know -- the All Star Disney resorts have an extra bed tax with the stay -- about 1.5% more than the Pop Century.  That can add up, if you're planning a week's stay, so keep it in mind.

Have a great stay at the Disney All Star Sports resort!


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Disney All Star Sports Resort Activities

There are two themed pools at this resort.  The bigger of the two is called Surfboard Bay, and the other is called Grand Slam (baseball theme).  And finally, there is also a kiddie pool.  Sorry, no "quiet pool" for adults at this resort.

There is an arcade, called Game Point Arcade, at the Disney All Star Sports resort, with all kinds of bell-clanging games.  It's located in the food court area in Stadium Hall.

Finally, there is a playground located between the Surf's Up! and the Touchdown! buildings, in case they still need to burn off more energy. 


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