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Affordable Disney vacations are out there.  You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, if you know where to look.

So...what is affordable?  Disney World runs periodic specials based on a family of 4; the most recent one I've seen is $1,600 for a 7-day 6-night resort stay, including tickets, but not including food or travel (i.e. flights).  It breaks down to about $58 per day per person.

Still not quite your budget?  Let's look at some other options then.

Stay Fewer Days

Maybe a full week Walt Disney World vacation is beyond what you can spend -- but what about 4 days?  That may get you down into the price range that's comfortable for your wallet.

Stay in an Orlando Area Hotel

Disney Resorts are the best value, but they do tend to be more expensive, on average, than what you can find off the Disney property.  If the dollars are tight, consider a Kissimmee hotel.

By staying in a Kissimmee hotel (closest to Disney), you will be trading off the Disney resort price against how long it takes you to get to the parks.  Most of the hotels have complimentary shuttles, but you have to plan your park times based on their schedule.

If you stay off-site, you can have a large breakfast at a local restaurant, and get a break from the cost of eating at Disney. You can also buy food and water to take to the parks, cheaper than you can buy at a Disney resort.

It's easier to visit the other area parks (you didn't hear me say that).

Now keep in mind that Kissimmee hotels aren't automatically less expensive than staying on Disney property.  For example, the Gaylord Palms is definitely more expensive than the Disney All-Stars and even some of the Disney moderate resorts.  (But wow, what a place it is - gorgeous!)

Choose a Package

A package price, purchasing the hotel and tickets at the same time, tends to lower your price even more.  However, before you commit to a package, find out what the price would be if you booked the hotel and tickets separately (never hurts to have a baseline price).

Some of the less expensive (but still nice) Kissimmee-area hotels under $100 a night include:

  • Best Western Kissimmee Inn

  • Palms Hotel by Lexington (formerly a Hampton Inn)

  • Best Western Lakeside

  • AmeriHost Inn Kissimmee

  • Quality Inn Heritage Park

More About Disney Area Hotels

Check TripAdvisor for more information about Disney-area hotels -- find out about rates and availabilities .

Other Ideas for an Affordable Disney Vacation

You may want to visit the following pages on this site for information about saving money on your Disney World vacation:

Once you've looked around, you'll be able to find a price that's right for your budget.  When you do, have yourself a great affordable Disney vacation!

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Compare Package Deals

You'd be surprised sometimes at the package deals.

If you can get one that throws in at least one Disney Dining Plan day for free, that's great.

The one thing about Disney World that tends to be expensive any way you look at it is the food (although I have to admit, the portions tend to be generous).


Save Money at Disney!

You can save bundles of cash on your next Disney World vacation! (And saving money is good, right?) Check out the Ultimate Savings Guide!

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