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How This Website Evolved

I mentioned on my "About Me" page that I've had quite a few websites over the years -- some for business, some for fun.  When I got the idea for this site, it was a "for fun" to start out with.  But then it grew into something interesting.

While I Was Surfing...

...and I don't mean on the ocean, I happened to stumble across something that was intriguing. Something that sounded do-able for someone burned out on all the rigamarole of building a website the traditional way.  Huh.  A way to build a site as if I knew absolutely nothing, and they did all the tedious work for me.  All I had to do is type it out, take some pictures and poof -- a site that gets traffic.  No more rigamarole!

They said I could even earn money from it!  Now that sounded way too good to be true.  I figured if I could just build a site easily, without fuss, it would be worth it, even if I didn't earn a penny. But guess what?

I did (much, much more than a penny).  And I am.  How cool is that?

The "Something Interesting" Part

It's been amazing.  Money coming in every month, while all I do is write up stuff about Disney.  And I don't have to sell anything!  Right now, I've paid off my car.  Soon it will be the mortgage payment. Next step after that -- build the dream home on the Florida Gulf Coast.  It's my goal for 2009 (it was my goal in 2008, but we have to sell our current home first).  To leave my 8-to-5 job and start building that home.  Not to mention some more Disney vacations along the way!


I just took a leap of faith and decided to try the site-building place I found -- after all, it didn't cost much.  Certainly less than some places I've used.  I didn't have anything to lose and if nothing else, I had a website that was super-easy to build and maintain.  And as you can tell, I got that and more.

Now I don't know if you want to build a website, or if you want to bring in some extra cash each month (or both).  Maybe you do, maybe you don't.  But if it sounds at all intriguing, why not click on one of the videos below?  I'll bet that if you do take a look, though, you'll start dreaming.

And I know from experience -- if you can dream it, you can do it.


Have a Great Disney Vacation!

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